Hi I’m Caleb Karthik! Today, I am here to talk about memorization, and how it’s done. I have been a Bible quizzer since I was 5, so I have been memorizing parts of the Bible for 6 years. So I have been used to the idea of having to memorize things.

One way to memorize things is to constantly revise the passage you are trying to memorize. After you’re confident that you know what you are memorizing just say it softly. By doing that, you are training your brain to remember what you revised. This can be applied to other things as well.

Another way to memorize things is by saying to others. By doing that others can see what you know and can help with what you don’t know. Then you can refine the mistakes you made and can do better next time. By doing that you are training your brain to remember what you revised in a different way.

Those are ways you can memorize things. These techniques can be used for memorizing Bible portions or memorizing things for school. There are many more tricks to memorize things, but they all help you receive sharp memory. This also helps with academics. This also helps generally in life like when you are reading a book and have to memorize parts of the story.

I am part of the Bible quiz ministry called TBQ (Teen Bible Quiz) and before that JBQ (Junior bible quiz). In it you have to memorize questions and answers from Genesis to Revelation. You get to go to quiz competitions. If your team gets placed good, you can move to higher level competitions till you get to the national championship. There, the top 80 teams compete. It is hard to get there; if you do, you can make friends from different teams from different parts of the nation.

In conclusion, memorizing the Bible will also help to keep ourselves away from sin and evil. Psalms 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”